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New Forest Dog Training & Behaviour Academy

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Puppy Classes 
11th January 2024

"Some people talk to animals,

but not many people listen"

 Teaching and training is about building and maintaining a bond between you and your dog built upon  kindness, understanding and compassion.

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8pm Puppy class -EMAIL for details

Booking and more course details-click courses below to find out more 

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How I Can Help - Behaviour & Training 

New Forest Dog Training Services- Covering the New Forest and Beyond!

For puppies, adults and rescue dogs.

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Kennel Club Puppy foundation Course / Real life Training 


New Forest Dog Training Academy follows the Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Award.

This means that the course is part of the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme and we are delighted to be approved to run the highly successful course.

We help you training over  12 exercises that we teach in a fun, successful learning environment and importantly in a low stress environment for owners and puppies! 

Our course also covers real life skills! Our classes are more than just about training.... 

We go into lots of detail on behaviour, and look to recognise early behaviours that may potentially become issues later on and give you tools etc to help. We cover understanding body language, signs of fear in the big wide world and how you can help your puppy cope in the big wide world! 

Puppy classes are also important for socialising as they get to be around other dogs and people in a positive environment- it's all about fun! 

SPECIALISES IN SMALL GROUPS - Maximum of Six   puppies 

 Bronze Foundation course - Training Teenagers Adult dogs / rescue dogs 

Training continues throughout life....... so from puppy course this is the next level.

Kennel Club Bronze for younger dogs and adults.

We build solid foundations in training, beginning to delve deeper into dog training.. We help you with the onset of adolescence and the challenges it brings! We support you through the challenges that occur with training and importantly help support you through your training journey! 

The class is an ideal starting point for all rescue / adult dogs that have

Attending the course and successfully completing the exercises will also mean that you if you and dog would like to receive the prestigious  GCDS Bronze Award you could attend the examination night! 


Maximum of  six dogs in a class 



Scentwork is when a dog uses its sense of smell to identify and locate a scent which it has been trained to detect.

Dogs have a highly sensitive nose, vastly superior to our own. Scentwork is a natural behaviour for a dog and essential in hunting and finding prey. As man’s best friend, this behaviour has been put to many uses – for example in police work, search and rescue, and hunting. As a dog sport, Scentwork has emerged from detection style nosework as practiced by customs and excise, explosives detection, search and rescue and medical detection dogs.

Scentwork UK has been set up to promote and develop scentwork as a dog sport and training activity throughout the country.

  • It is open to anyone whether you are a pet dog trainer or a more advanced dog trainer.

  • It is suitable for all breeds and ages, puppies and dogs with injuries or disabilities – scentwork is a non injurious sport.

As a training activity, scentwork is fun, very rewarding and at the same time mentally tiring for your dog. It will improve the relationship between you and your dog and is a great confidence builder especially for the shy dog. You can participate whether it is just for fun, or go on - Once you begin its a fantastic journey!